About Architypes And Guest Post Info


My name is Jessica and I’m the owner of Achitypes.net. With the help of my husband Scott as a volunteer editor I’m able to keep Architypes going. I get help from our sons and a few friends here and there because building and maintaining a website is tough work. Fortunately, I love doing it so it never feels much like work.

I do most of the DIY craft type writing and Scott handles the home improvement writing. His background is in architecture, he has a degree in architectural engineering and worked as a plumber for a few years before getting hired by a local architect to draw homes when he finished college.

Here’s a unedited picture of me from our trip to Florida in 2018. I cropped most of Scott out because it’s honestly not a good picture of him. If we ever figure out how to use the camera and photoshop things will get better for him.

If you have any questions send them to us at questions@architypes.net

Social Media

I don’t have a personal social media account but I’d love for you to follow Architypes on Pinterest.

Scott is active on twitter so you’re more than welcome to follow him there to see what he’s up to and to see some of the latest articles he writes for Architypes and other websites that publish him.

Guest Posts

If you want to contribute an article to the site we do accept guest posts but they better be good ones. We won’t publish any old fluff on Architypes. Send your idea to questions@architypes.net and we will get back to you quickly.

A Special Thanks

The Architypes web project was made possible by contributions from Countertop Investigator. If you’re looking for information on granite countertops or just want to browse their gallery of beautiful kitchen, check out their website.